3T's - TJ's Terrific Touch
TJ (LMT)Hello!
My name is TJ and I would like to personally welcome you to 3T's aka TJ's Terrific Touch!
At 3T's, it is believed that a great massage should not only be a luxury item for some. It should be accessible and affordable to all! Your health and happiness is vital for a good quality life. Regular massages aid in that process and everyone should be entitled to that!
I feel very blessed to have the ability to practice my craft independently and invite you to visit my facility located in  Lake Kiowas, Texas.
I look forward to seeing you soon! :)
Current Services Offered:
  • Swedish Massage
  • Deep Tissue (Gentle to medium-firm pressure)
  • Reflexology (feet)
  • Pregnancy/Prenatal Massage (1 hour 30 min. session required first time)
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